The CoreAlign Experience

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CoreAlign® is an experience that takes your training to the next level. This unique piece of equipment challenges balance, stability, and core strength. You perform most exercises in an upright position on two moving platforms. The unit helps stimulate core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises and deep stretches.

It mimicks everyday activities such as walking, running, skiing and hiking. Beginners and athletes, men and women love the challenge of this unique piece of equipment.

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CoreAlign became the vehicle through which I taught people how to stand upright, breathe correctly and stabilize their pelvis while moving their legs loosely and naturally in separation as if they were walking.

~ Jonathan Hoffman, inventor of CoreAlign

Harmonious Movement

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Have you experienced harmonious movement? It is the feeling that your mind and body are working together. For example, you might feel extra coordinated in your golf or tennis game, feel more power and ease on the ski slope or move effortlessly with your dance partner.

Some describe this experience as a peak experience or being in the flow. CoreAlign® is a great tool to help you achieve more harmonious functioning moments. As your body responds to the feedback of the unit, you quickly learn the most efficient movements that support stability, mobility and balance.

CoreAlign® Classes

CoreAlign apparatus in a studio

CoreAlign® Classes are a great addition to Pilates. When you apply the movement principles from Reformer and mat classes, you get immediate feedback on the movements you are doing optimally, or not so optimally. Your new skills from CoreAlign transition to other activities such as walking, running, skiing, hiking or getting up from the floor.

Physical therapists and certified Pilates instructors teach these classes and provide exercise modifications for those with pain, joint replacements, osteoporosis, or other medical conditions.


The Pilates industry is unregulated, so it is important you know how to recognize a qualified teacher who can work effectively with you. Make sure your instructor has specialized training on the CoreAlign® equipment and has completed Pilates coursework, personal practice and teaching in excess of 500 hours. Contact us below for a referral.

The Amazing CoreAlign

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