The MOTR Experience

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The MOTR® experience is new to the fitness world. It stands for Movement On The Roller and is fitness transformation in a tube! Experience the challenges of a foam roller with the resistance of the Pilates Reformer.

This innovative device gives a full-body movement experience. Its unique design allows you to work in multiple body positions so you gain agility, strength, balance and mind-body fitness in a single session.

The components store easily within the core of the roller itself. It is small enough to carry over your shoulder and can be set up or disassembled very quickly.

Our Qualifications

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The Pilates industry is unregulated, so it is important you know how to recognize a qualified teacher who can work effectively with you.

Our instructors receive specialized training on the MOTR and have completed Pilates coursework, personal practice and student teaching in excess of 500 hours.

Feedback on Your Balance, Form and Coordination

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MOTR is fabulous because it gives you feedback on your balance, form and coordination even before the instructor gives you a cue. The unit assists you to immediately activate your core for stabilization, so the simplest of movements become a full-body activity.

The straps can be used around hands, feet or both and the more optimal your form, the better coordination you experience. You can lie down, stand up, sit and kneel on the unit. The versatile MOTR offers unlimited routines to work your core, upper body, arms and lower body.

MOTR Classes

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We offer online MOTR classes.  Visit our schedule at the bottom of this page. MOTR classes add more challenge to exercises you have mastered in Reformer or mat. You will enjoy these classes and come to understand whole body fitness at a whole new level as you improve movement efficiency in all of your activities.

These classes provide an all around mind-body workout with a bit of cardio and are a great option to typical Pilates equipment.

Many exercises are similar to ones you perform in Piliates classes, but feel very different on the MOTR.  It is a new challenge and you will love it!

MOTR Magic

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Understanding Your Goals

Call us to discuss whether classes, privates or combination of the two is best for you.

Pricing for Classes

  • 1 online class: $20
  • 10 online classes: $185
  • 20 online classes: $350

Pricing for Privates

  • private session – $75-$100

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