The Myofascial Release Experience

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Myofascial Release is currently not available. Please contact us at the bottom of this page for a referral.

The Myofascial Release experience gives your body Therapeutic Relief and a new way to find ease and freedom of movement. This unique treatment uses gently sustained pressure to soften, lengthen and reorganize your entire system. The effects are long lasting and this sets it apart from regular massage treatments.

Fascia is like your internal Spider-Man webbing, which interweaves through your whole body, giving it shape, support and protection. Fascia covers every muscle fiber, encases all joints and supports your organs in their place. There is no beginning or end, which means restriction, trauma or injury on one part of the fascia system literally affects the entire body. The good news is – this also works in reverse! Release even a small area of restricted fascia and the entire body responds in profound ways.

Some clients notice immediate release, while others feel better after a few sessions. You should notice less pain, increased range of motion, improved whole-body mobility, and feel more connected and comfortable in your own skin.


Myofascial release practitioners receive specialized training of the fascial system and are typically licensed occupational therapists or massage therapists.

Return To An Active Lifestyle

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Return to an active lifestyle with the help of myofascial release. This unique and gentle hands-on technique can shift, change or eliminate issues such as: back pain, bladder issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, neckpain, pelvic pain and much more.

Many clients who try myofascial release as a last resort discover an amazing journey back to a vibrant life with less pain and renewed energy.

Myofascial Release Classes

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Classes are designed to help you release restrictions in your shoulders, neck, legs, hips, spine, hands, feet and other areas so you experience less pain and more freedom of movement.

Once you learn to apply the tools learned in class, you can relieve aches and pains at home, on vacation or just about anywhere. As a result, you feel empowered knowing you can change your experience of discomfort anytime you need to.

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