The Pilates Experience

Pilates is more than an exercise system — it is an experience. Pilates requires complete focus and full participation in your own movement process as you come to understand your body in new ways. You will gain more confidence in your daily activities, recreation and sports, and regain movement you may have thought was lost to you for good.

Pilates sessions give you an experience of coordination between mind and body; and this experience supports you in feeling empowered, balanced and confident in your everyday life. We design our programs so you can take your class experience to other life activities and be fully independent.

We believe it is never too late to explore new movement possibilities. You are never too old, and never too out of shape to begin your journey. Just start where you are and we will meet you there. Transformation is possible when you have the right guide and can tap into the wisdom of your own body and mind.

Bring Joy to the Things You Do

Exercise is not an end in itself — for most people there is a reason they want to be fit and healthy. What is your reason?

Feeling good goes hand-in-hand with enjoying life and doing more of what you love. If you have been injured, your body is designed to be protective so you do not injure yourself again, but over time, this natural automatic protection can become a cage, preventing you from movement freedom.  Once you learn how to shift your fear and anxiety about moving, you can move into a place of ease and confidence in your body.

We believe movement can be joyful, fun and resilient. Instead of thinking of movement as stiff or restricted, our mantra is “motion is lotion”. This philosophy reminds us to live life more fully and move through the world with joy.

Grandparents And Grandchildren Sitting On Beach Together

Every movement in our life can be the beginning of great things

~ Joseph Pilates

Our Qualifications

The Pilates industry is unregulated, so it is important you know how to recognize a qualified teacher who can effectively work with you.

Our Pilates instructors complete coursework, personal practice and student teaching in excess of 500 hours. The letters behind their name are NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher). They train in all aspects of Pilates and adhere to the highest standards of the National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP)

Private Instruction

Private Pilates Instruction on an Apparatus

Private instruction is crucial. One-on-one visits with a qualified instructor help you understand where you are strong and flexible and where you need to focus more attention, so you can build your capacity for movement improvement.

Private sessions teach you how to set up the equipment for your particular needs. Your instructor will show you personalized modifications, so you learn which movements are safe and how to move optimally when you get to classes.

Pilates Classes

We offer online classes only. Physical therapists and highly qualified Certified Pilates Instructors teach every class, so you receive appropriate feedback and modifications. 

Reformer Classes

Six Pilates Studio Reformers

Reformer classes use the signature piece of Pilates equipment. Often described as the “workhorse” of the Pilates apparatus, the Reformer unit has a gliding carriage on a bed-like frame that moves on rails. A foot bar, spring bar, and straps for hands or feet offer points of connection that support and challenge your movement, improving your alignment, strength, power and coordination.

Each Reformer Class is unique and does not follow proscribed routines. Instead, exercises are varied in a manner that allows you to explore your personal movement patterns and range of motion.

Classes are small, no more than six, following the recommended guidelines of our certification partner the National Pilates Certification Program

Mat Classes

Pilates Mat with Props

Pilates mat work is fun because we use props (or toys, as call them). Props improve internal feedback and awareness, prompting you to self-correct and find optimal alignment in your movement patterns. Mat classes utilize the ring, roller, balls, bands, Barre, Orbit, Arc or Step Barrel, which add variety and interest to your movement experience.

Despite widespread belief that mat classes are easy, they are actually more challenging than the Reformer because the only support against gravity is your own body strength. Consequently, you practice more functional, everyday movements.

Each class begins with warm-up exercises and progress toward more challenging movements. We provide mats for you, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Pilates: a transformative whole body movement system

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Understanding Your Goals

Call us to discuss whether privates, classes or combination of the two are best for you.

Pricing for Classes

  • single online class $20
  • 10 online classes: $185
  • 20 online classes: $350

Pricing for Privates

  • single session with Pilates instructor – $75
  • single session with physical Therapist – $100

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