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The Inner Matrix Book Group

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Thursdays: 05/21/2020 to 06/25/2020, 1:00 pm-2:30 pm



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The Inner Matrix Book Group details Joey Klein’s proven approach to living a truly rich and meaningful life.

This workshop combines ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science in genetics, psychology and brain function. You can learn to transform your life by shifting deep mental, emotional and physical patterns that create stress and limitations.


  • Week 1 Intro/Orientation
  • Week 2 Focusing the Mind
  • Week 3 Shifting Emotions
  • Week 4 Connecting with the Physical Body
  • Week 5 Creating Your Vision for Life
  • Week 6 Wrap Up and Connect

FREE 9 Week Meditation Series Included

Facilitator: Lindy Royer, founder of Park Meadows Center for Movement was challenged with a series of significant health and personal obstacles, which led her to pursue a more holistic approach to health and fitness. Lindy fully embraces Joey Klein’s Conscious Transformation teachings as part of her continuing journey to lead a more joyful and compassionate life.

Please purchase your book online or at Amazon.

Enrollment is free, but you must also enroll at the Inner Matrix website under the book club with the name of Lindy Royer. Please call us if you need assistance. 303-649-2165.

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