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Pilates Mat 1 for Rehabilitation Professionals

Connect Physical Therapy 420 Corporate Circle, Suite M, Golden

Pilates Mat 1 for the Rehabilitation Professional introduces clinicians to the Pilates method. This course teaches beginner to intermediate Pilates mat exercises and how to use them to assess and address functional and dysfunctional movement patterns. Each exercise exercise is presented with modifications, regressions and progressions, allowing the Rehabilitation Professional to customize exercises to meet […]

Relax your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders

The Pilates Yoga Company 1601 Pelican Lakes Pt, Windsor

Many of us have experienced the sensation of tightness in the neck and shoulders and have searched for relief in lots of places. In this program, we'll explore the power of imagery, touch and movement to support you to lengthen and balance shoulder and neck musculature. In this 3-hour Franklin Method program you'll learn: 1. […]

Movement Principles (16 hour)

Connect Physical Therapy 420 Corporate Circle, Suite M, Golden

The Movement Principles course provides a solid foundation for training in any environment, with any equipment. You will come away with a complete tool box for effectively training clients to recover from injuries, improve their general fitness and enhance their performance. This engaging weekend intensive will benefit anyone who teaches movement. You’ll learn new perspectives […]